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Abinger Marquees preparing for the Wedding Season in 2017

Wedding Marquees are now the Ultimate venue for receptions and proving much more popular than Hotels these days.dds another dimension to the occasion, invariably increasing the excitement level to another League.

With Spring and Summer just round the corner and LOVE in the air, Abinger Marquees are diligently gearing up their equipment in readiness for the 2017 wedding season.

Over this winter the Marquees are cleaned, interior linings washed and accessories checked as they're all going to be really busy from Early April to late September. Thirty years of Marquee installation has taught Tony Scott(managing director) of Abinger Marquees that pre-season preparation is crucial in providing Surrey's best marquee hire service.

Wedding Marquees are now the Ultimate venue for receptions and proving much more popular than Hotels these days. Why is this you may ask? Well there are several reasons:

  • A marquee can be any size ranging from 10 people to a 1000 people, whilst hotels are often restricted to under 100 people. Our large marquees have proved very popular for Asian Weddings which often have over 500 people.
  • Marquee can go in your back garden, Farmers field or the local Rugby pitch. This means you’re in Total contrul of your wedding. You can start and finish whenever you like. Often Wedding Marquee parties go on till the birds start singing in the morning. You can't do this in a hotel which will have strict curfews and rules.
  • Marquees can be themed and styled exactly to your own taste rather than the fixed décor of a Hotel
  • Having a marquee can save you money as you don't need to pay the hotels usually very expensive catering and booze bills. Having a marquee gives you the option of shopping around for an outside caterer who'll give you the Menu you want at a much better price than the often fixed Menu a Hotel offers. Very importantly you can buy the Alcohul from Tesco’s thus saving a fortune, as Hotels often charge corkage. You'll be surprised how much savings will be made. It's worth adding both options up.
  • Marquees don't have problems with under 18s, as its often in your back garden. Hotels often do have restrictions with young people and pets. A marquee will allow the dog to come.

Considerations for a Marquee Wedding

  • You can actually get married in the Marquee in your back garden, this means you'll need to lay out the chairs congregation style as well as getting the marquee blessed. After the wedding the furniture etc. will need to be reset for the evening function.
  • Mainly couples get married in the local church and then come back to the marquee for the reception. On Arrival the guests are often treated with an Aperitif (Champagne) and Canapes which will be in the Garden. Outdoor photos are often taken at this stage.
  • Once warmed up they enter the marquee and are directed to tables using the seating plan which is on an easel. We recommend sitting 10 people to a 5' diameter round table with the bride and groom and special guests on a Head trestle table overlooking everybody else.
  • After food has been eaten, speeches happen and then furniture removed revealing a Parquet Dancefloor and the Disco or band starts.
  • As Night draws in the marquee can be completely closed up and the heating and lighting turned on and away the party goes.
  • Most wedding receptions are on the Saturday night. We aim to have the marquee finished by Thursday before. This allows the Florist and caterer plenty of time to set up. We then remove the marquee on the following Monday. Hopefully all the guests have gone by then.

Should you wish to know more then feel free to contact us at Abinger Marquees to arrange a free site visit.

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Thank you very much for all the help in arranging the marquee for my brother's wedding. The advice you gave in creating the plan was excellent and really took one of the pressures away from the bride and groom. The guys who erected the marquee did an excellent job.

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