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As well as the marquee itself there are plenty of accessories that you could consider for your event. Below are some of the options that are available for your event.

There may be other options that you require that are not mentioned, if this is the case please call our office where we would be only too happy to help.


Linings are used to cover the inside walls and roofs of the marquee.

They are a particularly good option if you are intending to use the marquee for a wedding, party or corporate event as they give a smart, luxurious feel. The linings can also be trimmed with pelmet and drops in a wide selection of colours.

We also have a twinkling night sky effect roof lining which can really make your event look special.


Platforms can be custom built to what ever size you need. They can be ideal if you have a band or DJ playing at a party or if you are giving a presentation at a business function


Lighting is an important aspect for your event as it can really help to create the right feel. Chandelier lighting suspended from the roof, can recreate a traditional candlelight effect ideal for a wedding whereas uplighters, spread around the edge of the marquee create a more contemporary feel especially if you use coloured filters.


Heating is very important as no one ever likes being cold. The time of year will determine the amount of heaters that you require. In winter you will need more heaters. For smaller marquees we would recommend gas cabinet heaters as they are small, unobtrusive, quiet and easily adjustable. For larger marquees you can also use diesel powered indirect heaters which are controlled thermostats. These are ideal for events such as conferences.


Depending on your event we will be able to provide the right furniture for. We have a wide selection of tables and chairs for occasions ranging from fine dining to garden furniture. For a better understanding of our furnishing options, please visit the Furnishings Hire page.

Dance Floor

A dance floor provides the ideal safe surface for you to dance the night away. We have a varied choice of dance floor to suit your event ranging from the standard parquet dance floor to a funky black and white check dance floor.

Fixtures & Fittings

Choosing the right fixtures, furnishings and lighting will help to make your event unique and memorable, please take a look at the Marquee Fixtures and Fittings page

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