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Marquee Hire for a perfect wedding

We're a family run Marquee Hire Business that's been "Marqueeing" to Hundreds of couples for over 30 years. Based in Guildford and Operating across Surrey, Hampshire and London, we specialize in providing stunning Marquees with Beautiful Interiors for Wedding Receptions and all types of Parties.

Every Wedding Party is different, a product of your vision and dreams. A particular Theme can be created with subtle changes in Colour, Décor, Lighting, Flowers and Entertainment. We work with you to make your Wedding Party dream come true. Popular Themes include:

White Wedding Marquee

“The Classic White Wedding:”

As it says, everything's in White, from the Marquee to the Interior Linings, Chairs, carpets, and even Flowers. It can often be contrasted with another color, often Gold or Silver.

Green Party Marquee

“The English Country Garden Wedding”:

Here a Quintessential English Theme is evolved using Ivory, yellow and Green interior Linings and set off with Traditional British Floristry, Ivy is great. Rustic furniture and Tartan Props.

Asian Wedding Marquee

“The Exotic, Oriental, Asian Wedding”:

Characterised by our audacious “Bombay Boudoir” interior linings with Rattan Furniture and even our legendary "Nightsky" roof with randomly flickering lights that make you feel you're under the stars on a Tropical Beach.

Barn Marquee

“Barn Dance Wedding”:

Here the Marquee has a real countrified feel, using Straw Bales as furniture and a large Dancefloor for the Country Dances sung and called by the “Farmer Giles Barn Dance Band”.


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The Possibilities and combinations of your Marquee Wedding Party are endless, especially taking into account the Catering and Entertainment Options as well..

We provide the complete Marquee Hire Service and Marquee Accessories to make your Wedding Party reach its full potential.

To Assist you in the planning and creation of your event feel free to contact our Event Director, Tony Scott, who with over 30 years experience in Wedding and Event Marquees will be only too pleased to chat through your event and hopefully give you some invaluable tips and inspiration.


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