5 Tips for planning a great marquee party

If you are planning a summer party, a marquee is an ideal environment to host your party. Best of all, we have put together 5 top tips for planning a successful marquee party.

Why choose a marquee for your party?

One of the best reasons for choosing a marquee for your party is the freedom to personalise the environment to suit your requirements. It can be completely tailored to you in terms of size, decor and layout.

Whether you are looking for a big open space to host a sit-down dinner or a marquee with different areas for different uses like a dance floor area and a chillout snug, if you can dream it, we can build it.

You might want a stage for a band or a bar area. You might want open sides to make the most of the summer weather or a heated enclosed space for a corporate event. Whatever you choose, we work with you to create the perfect marquee to host your party.

5 Tips for hosting your marquee party...

1. Plan the size of your party

This is the basic starting point for any party, but knowing how many guests you have attending will help you to gauge how much space you will need. Once you have a clear idea of the number of people you are hosting, you can start to think about other elements you will need like layout, catering and entertainment.

2. Decide where you will host your marquee party

Location is key to any good party. Luckily with a marquee, you can create a fantastic party anywhere, but you will need to be aware of the size of the space you have available. Marquees can be attached to buildings to extend the space you already have available, or they can be created as stand-alone venues in stunning locations.If you are planning your party in a remote location, you will need to consider other elements like lighting, food, drinks and toilets.

3. Plan your entertainment

Depending on the type of party you are hosting, you might want to provide entertainment for your guests. If you are providing a band or a DJ, you will need to consider where they are playing. You might want to set up a stage and a dance floor, all of this can be organised by Abinger Marquees. You might also want to provide an area where people can relax away if they want to take a breather.

4. Decide what type of catering you want to provide

Again, this will vary massively from party to party. Some will provide an informal buffet-style meal, others will provide a catered sit-down dinner. For both of these, you will likely need tables and chairs so that guests can sit and eat their food. For the latter, you will need to ensure you have the space for serving staff to serve the food. It's also important to consider if the tables and chairs will be cleared away after the food to make space for guests? If so, a plan should be made to cause the minimum disruption to your guests.

5. Choose your decor wisely

The best part of planning your party (and potentially the most fun) is choosing the look and feel of the interior of your marquee. It is important to make sure this is in line with the experience you want to create. 

If you are hosting a wedding party, you might choose a billowing white interior complete with a chandelier. If you are going for a chilled-out festival vibe, you might choose our Moroccan-themed interior. For parties that are going until the wee hours of the morning, we have a sparkling night sky ceiling to add to the atmosphere. We can guide you through the process so that your party is exactly what you imagined.

Why choose Abinger Marquees?

With other 30 years in the marquee and events industry, we are perfectly placed to provide a marquee for your party. We can help you by providing the marquee, interior, amenities and much much more.

Get in touch today to book your party marquee!

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