Why a marquee is perfect for an 18th Birthday Party

An 18th Birthday Party is arguably the biggest milestone in a teenagers life and it is often celebrated with a big party to welcome them into the adult world

The problem with turning 18 is that quite often many of your friends are still 17 years old and unable to come out and celebrate with you. Hosting an 18th birthday party in a marquee is the perfect way to make sure your friends are there with you.

Here at Abinger Marquees, we have years of experience in managing events from parties to festivals so we can help you to plan your perfect night. We can dress the inside of the marquee to your specifications, with lighting, a dance floor and music to create a club-like atmosphere.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, the marquee looked brilliant and all the guests were super impressed with the interior. Great job!"
Ashley Gorringe

We have various options for you to choose from such as themed interiors, or a twinkling night sky ceiling, so if you are planning a party and you want to know what we can do for you, call today to find out more.

Another benefit of hosting the party in a marquee is that you don't have to invite guests into your home, the party is contained and it minimises any risk to your house or your property. We can make sure you have access to amenities such as running water and toilets so there is no need for anyone to enter your home.

If you have something in mind and you would like to discuss your options, please give us a call on 01483 536 270. We would love to hear from you.

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Tony, thanks again for supplying us with a lovely marquee over the winter this year. Many of the customers have commented saying how beautiful the linings were and how warm it was, even when there was snow on the ground. A good job well done. I look forward to seeing you and the guys same time next Autumn.

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