Summer Party Marquees

Will the marquee be comfortable in bad weather?

Even though it's summer, this is Britain and the weather can change at the  drop of a hat. Luckily, with a marquee, you can ensure your guests stay warm and dry, even if the heavens open and try to ruin your day. 

We can supply your marquee with heating, flooring, lighting, windows and more. 

What size Marquee will I need?

Your choice of marquee will depend on the number of guests you have, and the type of event you are hosting. Are you planning a party with music and dancing? Will you be serving catered food to guests that are sitting down? Do you want a dancefloor or a stage? Once you are clear on the party specifications, you can get started on the floor-plan which will help you choose the right marquee for your summer party.

How should I decorate my marquee?

This is another area that requires some thought and it entirely depends on the type of party you want to throw. If it's a daytime event, you may want to choose a lighter interior complete with panel windows to make the most of the sunshine. If you event is going into the evening, you may want a comfy interior with areas for people to relax and unwind.

Luckily, we have interiors to suit every style and specification. We have billowing cream wall and ceiling coverings with chandeliers. We have twinkling night sky ceilings and moroccan themed interiors complete with comfortable seating. We can help you to host the summer party of your dreams.

If you are planning your next Summer Marquee Party, please get in touch on 01483 536 270 to see what we can do for you.

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Dear Tony, A huge thanks you for all the hard work that you and your guys put in. It was a wonderful day and I don’t think any of us could have done any more to make the wedding more special. They loved every second and I can’t wait for the photos.

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