Things to consider when hosting a company event

It can be a difficult decision, deciding whether to host a company event. Planning an event costs money, it takes man-hours to organise, and at the end of it all, do your staff really want to be there?

We think that if you get it right, hosting an event for your staff can improve morale, it can bond your team more closely together, and it can improve productivity.

What kind of event should you host?

It's important to remember that when you are hosting an event you need to change the location from your normal workplace. Hosting a party in the office just doesn't have the same effect and the employees feel like they are still at work.

It is important to create a distinction between normal work life and free time, making the company event as positive and exciting as possible can do wonders for morale.

Days Out

Theme parks or days out like go-karting, shooting, paint-balling and quad biking are great ideas for team building and excitement, but be aware of the people who work for you. If 50% of your workforce is over 50, then paintballing might not be the best idea. Pick something that everyone can enjoy so that no one feels left out.


One great way to entertain your workforce is with a party. People can have a few drinks and a dance, and they can mingle and socialise at their own pace. Often all it takes is a few drinks for the shyest of employees to come out of their shell! Rewarding your staff with a party increases morale and brand loyalty, it shows that you appreciate their hard work.

Awards Ceremonies

Engaging your employees on a personal level is the best way to boost productivity and loyalty to your brand. Hosting an annual awards ceremony where people are personally thanked for their work and efforts within the company is a great way to do this. The two basic human desires are appreciation and validation, recognising an employees input and congratulating them for this creates trust and increases productivity.

If you would like to host an event for your company, get in touch to see how we can help. We provide marquees for all kinds of events, from parties to sports, from corporate dinners to awards ceremonies. We can provide the marquee, the decor, the lighting, the entertainment and much much more.

Get in contact to speak to a member of our team.

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