Wedding marquee hire in Surrey | May 2019

A marquee has long been a great solution for celebrating a wedding. A wedding can be a very expensive occasion, but the use of a marquee as a venue can cut these costs significantly.

Here at Abinger Marquees, we can provide just the marquee and the decor, or we can work with you to provide all of the services you require, from entertainment to catering. Our experience and local knowledge of the area means we have worked with people across Surrey for a number of years and we are able to recommend only the best for your wedding.

Whether you are planning to host your wedding in the gardens of a stately home, or you are simply hosting it from your own garden, we have marquees to fit almost any space.

Hosting your wedding party in a marquee eliminates the need for guests to be inside your home. It keeps everyone in one space and means you can relax and enjoy your wedding without worrying about any mess or disruption to your home.

In Surrey, we are lucky enough to have some beautiful outside spaces available to hire for a wedding party marquee. If you would like any advice on the type of event we could provide then please get in contact to speak to a member of our team on 01483 536 270.

We can provide our own interior decorations but we also work with some incredible interior decor teams. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary like an Arabian tent or a boutique festival vibe, this is something we can arrange.

There are two main types of floor solution we can provide, the type we use will depend on the look and layout of the space you wish to create. The first option is a hessian type of matting, this works well with big open flat spaces and it is in fitting with a rustic, bohemian vibe. We can also provide a hard wooden floor with a carpet. If you would like to discuss the options for your preferred location, we can meet with you to help you plan your wedding party.

There are a number of extras you will need to consider for your party; electricity, toilets, catering and music are all key elements to keep in mind. Luckily, with our experience in the festival industry, we are used to managing large scale productions and we have over 30 years experience in this area.

So to find out more and speak to a member of our team, get in contact today!

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Dear Lewis. Thank you very much for all the help in arranging the marquee for my brother’s wedding. The advice you gave in creating the plan was excellent and really took one of the pressures away from the bride and groom. The guys who erected the marquee did an excellent job and were really friendly and efficient which also helped put everyone at ease. On the big day itself, it looked brilliant with all the linings and the lighting/decor and the bride and groom were both chuffed to bits.

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