Marquee Hire For "The Voice" at Pinewood Studios

We had a call to go to the legendary Pinewood Studios where amongst other things James Bond has been filmed. We were required to provide a stylish marquee to be used as the Green Room and after show party venue for the final of BBC's prime time show "The Voice" which starred such celebrities as Tom Jones,, Jessie Jay and Danny O'Donaghue.

For this we had to construct a 100' x 30' marquee on a hard wood floor inside one of the large film studios. As stakes could not be used weights were attached to the marquee legs to make sure there would be no movement. The inside of the marquee was then beautifully lined and lit befitting a celebrity hangout.

So pleased were the production staff on our efforts that our onsite staff were invited to watch the show from front row seats which featured guest singer, Michael Buble. If you looked closely at the TV footage you may just catch one or two of our smiling faces.

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