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Themed Parties with Abinger Marquees in 2018.

Whatever the Party or Function adding a theme often enhances and adds another dimension to the occasion, invariably increasing the excitement level to another League.

We at Abinger Marquees, especially over the last couple of years have noticed a huge upsurge in people wanting more than just a basic Marquee and are evolving their event into a unique theme special to their celebration.

The simplest theme can be a “Black and White” party, where the Party goer can just wear Black and white. The Marquee can be dressed in Black and white interior Linings, black and white Dancefloor, with matching furniture.

Slightly more complicated could be a “Casino Nightclub”. Here we would install a “Nightsky” in the roof of the Marquee. This works brilliantly as its made from Blackout material with tiny LED lights woven in which randomly flicker creating a Planetarium style lighting atmosphere. The “Nightsky” is very popular at 18th Birthday parties really giving the Wow factor. The above could be easily turned into a “James Bond Theme”, with Martini “shaken not stirred”.

Over the years it's the good old “Barn Dance” that as a theme always never fails to treat. Here you just need a Marquee with a Wooden floor to dance on. Tell the guests to bring Training shoes as its very active propelled by a good Barn Dance Band. Everybody has to dance so it's great for mixing people up and breaking the ice. Instead of having chairs and tables you have Bales of straw.

Every party is different, it could be defined by Age(20's, 60's, 80's), Films(Flintstones or Star Trek) or even something like Punk Rock.

Should you be thinking about putting together a party then feel free to give us at Abinger Marquees a call to chat through it.

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Thank you very much for all the help in arranging the marquee for my brother's wedding. The advice you gave in creating the plan was excellent and really took one of the pressures away from the bride and groom. The guys who erected the marquee did an excellent job.

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